Which carpet will fit your appartment?

Fans of interior design can be divided into opponents of rugs and people who cannot imagine living without this popular piece of equipment. Even a rug in a cool color can add to the cozy character of a room. The selection of products is now so large and interesting that everyone will surely find the perfect model for a living room or bedroom. Check which carpet will suit your apartment.

Monochrome carpets for minimalists
Popular carpets with patterns are unlikely to appeal to fans of minimalist arrangements. In this case, it is worth reaching for very fashionable single-color carpets that perfectly match the current trends. The guarantee of coziness are cotton models with a thick weave, which match the Scandinavian-style rooms inspired by nature. A burgundy-colored carpet can be an expressive addition.

Monochrome models are also perfect for apartments decorated in an industrial style. In this case, it is worth reaching for fashionable grays, classic black and neutral white may also be a good direction. The bull's eye can also be gray carpets with a geometric pattern, e.g. squares or triangles. However, elegant interiors can be matched with rugs inspired by precious stones from the Maciej Zień collection.

Decorative carpets for artistic souls
Models with a decorative character are the complete opposite of minimalist single-color carpets. Such carpets often resemble paintings on the walls and can be successfully used as the main decoration of the room. The decorative carpets of the AlmiDecor store are dominated by products inspired by modern art and abstract painting.

Geometric patterns creating interesting images on the material can emphasize the love of art in the household. A decorative carpet with abstract motifs is perfect for modern interiors where other elements of the equipment have a slightly futuristic character. These types of models are a great solution for owners of small apartments that lack space for original decorations.

Easy-to-clean carpets for allergy sufferers, parents and pet owners.
Gone are the days when allergy sufferers had to give up a fashionable decorative element for the floor. Currently, easy-to-clean carpets, which are distinguished by hypoallergenic properties, are very popular among customers. They are an ideal solution for people who care about a clean apartment without having to spend a lot of time on cleaning.

Easy-to-clean carpets can be kept in good condition with just a vacuum cleaner. The Easy Clean technology prevents germs from penetrating into the material, so such models can be safely placed in children's rooms. Among the easy-to-clean carpets, there are many interesting designs that will decorate the room and will suit different styles.

These carpets additionally have a coating that makes it difficult to draw in by scratching the carpets with animal claws.