Easy Cleaning

Carpet Decor collection is created with the advanced protection system Magic Home, which makes easier to remove stains, without damaging the unique structure of material. It's true that in three easy steps you can remove nearly all types of stains. It takes just water and paper towel or, in case of difficult stais, microfibre and soap to completely clean your carpet.

Machine wash

Washable at 30 C

Do not Drum Dry

Line Dry

Lay Flat to Dry

Do not use strong detergent

Dry Cleaning

Professional cleaning

Anti-slip backing

Our anti-slip backing keeps your rug from slipping. The backing is 100% safe to use on all floors and won't stain or strip your hardwood floors.

resistance to snagging

Our carpets have been tested to confirm their increased resistance to snagging, i.e. thread pulling due to scratching. Find out how such a laboratory test works:

The piece of carpet sample is placed on a rotating cylinder. A weight suspended on a chain, covered with spikes, rests freely against the fabric sample. Then the cylinder is made to rotate, which causes the weight to bounce freely off the surface of the sample and the spiked tool is hitting the fabric. Such an effect on the tested fabric is as close as possible to the effect of animal claws.

use on underfloor heating

Our carpets meet the requirements for underfloor heating,

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